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Cinema will Endure COVID-19, Lumière festival Manager says

Lyon’s 12th Lumiere festival opens this weekend, as usual, it’ll be a party of movies in cinema’s glorious past.

From the gloomy current, but the amount of individuals visiting the cinema in France has the nation has had to provide roughly $84 million in support to compensate for lost earnings.

However, the festival’s manager told Euronews he thinks cinema will finally survive.

“Many times the passing of cinema was declared. And every time theatre survived,” Thierry Frémaux explained.

And he thinks the cinema will reunite.

“Let us take soccer. We’ve got no audience currently from the stadium. Everyone believes people will return. Why could it be different in soccer, or sports, or theatre? People who love the cinema will return for certain.”

The magic of the cinema is going to be on screen at the festival before October 18th.

One of the near 150 movies in the line-up, 23 attributes from the Cannes 2020 Official Choice will be enjoying.