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Cities of the future: Dreaming of a Clever urban revolution

Barcelona. All cities share the very same issues of freedom and sustainability. Half of humanity lives in metropolitan locations. By 2050, this figure may rise to 68% of the planet’s inhabitants. Dozens of megalopolises that have many struggles ahead. Why don’t you discuss alternatives?

“Cities made from dreams” – that is the motto of the Barcelona variant of this Smart City Expo World Congress where everybody dreams of a sustainable, bright and inclusive urban revolution. However, what does this entail?

Driving change

Transport is a vital issue. Providing solutions to this issue of sustainable urban mobility is that the dream of manufacturers: bicycles, bikes, scooters as well as two-seater micro-cars all powered with solar or electrical energy. Others are focusing on enhancing collective freedom…

“We helped them execute open payments cards accessibility in the turnstile. That meant that individuals already had cards in their pockets that they did not need to endure in a top-up machine. Doing this saved the bureau 100 million pounds annually”.

A new creation

The urban electronic transformation is going to take a jump with 5G technologies, as fleets of autonomous vehicles along with the remote control of public lighting turned into the new fact.

“I must consider my degree of quality of life, just how I’d like my daughters to reside and then change all this to reality”.

Ability of cooperation

Besides technologies, to proceed, an individual has to possess the”ability of cooperation”. Boost platforms in which companies and cities can discuss and learn from other metropolitan revolutions.

“Not just the great ones but also the poor ones since what’s happening today in New Delhi possibly already occurred in Copenhagen and they’ve found alternatives to mend it”.

Quality of life

Innovation is supporting the urban revolution into that many cities hope — but not all is engineering: it is also about quality timing and quality of life.

“I believe that the town of the future isn’t driving into a 100 percent tech. It is driving to you and I’ve more time together”.