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Clashes as Ecuador president Lenin Moreno declares ‘state of emergency’

Clashes broke out between protesters and authorities in Ecuador following President Lenin Moreno announced a”state of crisis” Thursday after demonstrations against rising gas prices because of these authorities scrapping subsidies.

Police fired tear gas at protesters who threw rocks and firebombs near the seat of government in the early center of the capital Quito.

Moreno told reporters he’d taken the step” to protect the safety of citizens and also to prevent chaos.” The protests — the biggest in a decade — have been directed by the transportation industry but comprised pupils and other classes.

They paralyzed public transport in some places, while clashes between authorities and demonstrators blocked streets.

No figures were available for the number of individuals injured but some media musicians were hurt during the clashes.

The demonstrations came in reaction to increases of around 120 percent in gas costs, which came into force on Thursday following the government removed subsidies as part of an arrangement with the International Monetary Fund to get loans despite its large public debt.