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Climate activist Greta Thunberg Reduces environmental award

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg on Tuesday refused to take an environmental award, stating the climate motion needed individuals in power to begin to”listen” into”science” rather than grants.

The youthful climate activist that has rallied countless”Fridays for Future” motion was honoured in a Stockholm ceremony held from the Nordic Council, a regional figure for inter-parliamentary collaboration.

Thunberg was nominated for her attempts by both Sweden and Norway and won the business’s yearly environment decoration.

But after it had been declared, a representative for the advised the audience she wouldn’t take that the award or the prize amount of 350,000 Danish kroner (roughly USD 52,000 or even 46,800 euro), the TT news agency reported.

She addressed the conclusion in a post on Instagram by the USA.

“What we want is for our politicians and the people in power begin to follow the present, best available science” While thanking the Council for its”huge honour,” she criticised Nordic states for not living up to their”great standing” on climate problems.

“There is not any absence of worry about this. There’s not any shortage of unusual words.

Still just 16 years old, Thunberg climbed to prominence after she began spending her Fridays out Sweden’s parliament in August 2018, holding a sign reading”School attack for climate”.