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Climate Change: Mediterranean, Central also Eastern European countries affected with desertification

Among the less often heard facets of global warming is that the shift to the world’s soil. Desertification has become an issue for Mediterranean countries like Spain and Greece for a while, but it’s currently affecting some unexpected elements of Europe, such as Hungary.

“The negative impact of climate change could be observed on the intense distribution of rain. Due to more powerful recoil, some areas on Earth will become more arid, though some are going to face a larger chance of flood,” states Lakatos.

Now one of the older cottages remains standing, using a ship awaiting the dry banks out it. Ground-water levels fell over six meters above the past decades in this region. And even though a widespread belief, planting trees isn’t necessarily the ideal solution to conserve this area’s soil. Zsolt Bakr√≥-Nagy accounts for climate protection in the Kiskuns√°g National Park:

“Many studies concur that planting trees grow evaporation and it reduces the degree of ground-water. And also, it results in aridification.”

Climate change is possibly changing one-third of the planet’s surface and it places into danger the food source of about 1 billion people throughout the world.

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