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Concerns over 43 MPs Arrested around the world

The IPU, of which India is a top member, stated its committee on human rights of parliamentarians held an electronic sitting and focussed especially on MPs arrested in Venezuela,” Côte d’Ivoire and Turkey.

The committee analyzed the instances of 210 MPs from its existing caseload of 488 MPs in 40 nations who report human rights violations.

It stated: “The IPU is concerned about parliamentarians at detention throughout the Covid-19 pandemic because of higher risks of disease in overcrowded and restricted spaces…The committee involves the launch of their parliamentarians from those 3 states in light of concerns about higher exposure to the coronavirus in prison along with a lack of due process”.

In Turkey, the committee is analyzing alleged human rights violations against 57 present or former parliamentarians in the People’s Democratic Party, while in Côte d’Ivoire, it’s analyzing the cases of 10 opposition MPs who supposedly suffered violations of their basic rights as 2018.

In other scenarios, the IPU stated the committee is monitoring closely the position of 13 Palestinian MPs now held in Israeli prisons. It’s also urging the Libyan government to do more to discover the reasons behind the disappearance of MP Seham Sergiwa, who had been abducted in July 2019.

Among new cases, that the IPU said the committee considered the disappearance of Egyptian MP Mostafa al-Nagar, in addition to allegations of abduction and sexual abuse endured by Zimbabwean MP Joana Mamombe.

An international body of federal parliaments, the IPU was set up in 1889 as the primary multilateral political organization on the planet, encouraging conversation and cooperation between all countries. Today, it includes 179 nationwide member parliaments and 13 regional parliamentary bodies.