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Confused about the End of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Director Todd Phillips (kind of) has replies

The current comic book movie Joker finishes with the name character stating, “You won’t receive it” He might well have been talking to the crowd. Fans have expressed confusion regarding the movie’s end, which Phillips has stated in an interview was always supposed to be ambiguous.

“There is plenty of ways in which you could consider this film,” Phillips told The Los Angeles Times. “You can look at it and go,’This is merely one of his macabre stories. None of it occurred’ I don’t wish to state what it is. But a lot of people I have shown it to have said,’Oh, I get it — he is simply made a story up. The entire picture is your joke. It is something this man in Arkham Asylum concocted.

Many fan theories have found their way on the internet, with many wondering if Phoenix is playing the Joker whatsoever. In the movie, the three-time Oscar nominee plays with a mentally ill loner named Arthur Fleck.

Phillips stated, “Perhaps Joaquin’s character motivated the Joker. You do not know. His very last line in the film is,’You would not get it’ A lot is happening in there that is interesting.” Phoenix added, “This film demands a specific amount of involvement from the crowd. It is your decision how you would like to translate it and experience it. It is less you being sort of presented together with the truth than you being introduced with these changes.”

The movie has defied divisive crucial reaction and broken up the October box office opening album in the united states.

While both Phillips and Phoenix had denied their curiosity about sequels, the celebrity in a recent interview stated that there are infinite possibilities for the character potential. Phillips, meanwhile, has been quick to deny that a favorite fan request. There’s not any way Joker will face-off using Batman. “We’d never do this,” he explained.