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Conservationists slam Malta over bird hunting Throughout COVID-19 lockdown

Bird conservation groups have been outraged the spring hunting period in Malta has been opened despite the COVID-19 lockdown.

Birdlife Malta delivered Euronews images of a marsh harrier bird of prey, which they say was taken illegally in this season’s Travels weekend hunting season.

Malta is enabling hunters to embark on quail searches despite the coronavirus lockdowns.

“When it comes to hunting and trapping, authorities bend forward, backward, sideways, exactly like a jumping jack in the palms of the hunting place,” explained Mark Sultana, chief executive of Birdlife Malta.

“It’s incredible how authorities before and even those we have now are spineless.”

The Maltese government states that since people hunt independently in the area, the action can proceed now but hunters over age 65 are getting their permits withheld to maintain them.

In 2015, the people of Malta voted in favor of permitting the spring hunting season regardless of the danger to migratory birds.

“Hunting in spring at Malta is happening under the rigorous standards or the EU birds directive and in compliance with federal law and you’ll not have as many authorities anywhere in Europe,” explained Dr. David Scallan, secretary-general in the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation.