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Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen resigns covering sexual harassment allegations

Frank Jensen, who’d served as mayor because 2010, also resigned from his position as deputy of Denmark’s governing Social Democratic Party.

His resignation came after two girls, such as a former worker of the celebration, described being sexually harassed by Jensen in 2012 and 2017, in a post by Danish paper Jyllands-Posten.

Both events were believed to have happened at social occasions and entailed Jensen touching the girls against their will.

In a Facebook article, Jensen apologized to the girls he’d offended and vowed to become a part of a changing society in Denmark.

“I’ve been a part of a poor, unhealthy, but old and rooted civilization in our celebration.”

“I have been part of the issue myself. I would like to help make the essential change” Jensen explained.

“I shall do anything to make sure that individuals get together across sex, unions, parties, and company to modify our whole community culture.

“We have only just started. I would like to go from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution.”

The Chairman of this young Social Democrats at Copenhagen, Cecilie Sværke Preiss, said the resignation was a success for Denmark’s postponed #MeToo movement.

“Now we’ve demonstrated that it’s consequences – also to get a mayor – to not know about his power and consequently his obligation,” tweeted Sværke Priess.

In 2017, at the center of #MeToo, many girls had uttered harassment, largely in Catholic ethnic circles, but the motion hadn’t been removed.

The conversation concerning sexism and sexual abuse in Denmark has been triggered in August by TV journalist Sofie Linde and has since spread to politics, even though almost 3 years following the #MeToo movement.

Over 300 girls, including former and current members of political parties, signed an open letter in September in support of Linde, stating that sexism was living in Danish politics.

Before this month, the former chief of the Radical Left, Morten Østergaard, also resigned from his post following a few accusations of sexual abuse inside the celebration.

“I am not the victim of a significant #Metoo discussion,” Østergaard submitted on Facebook, “I would expect to become a stepstone for it to lead to change.”

Prime Minister Frederiksen stated she took the most recent allegations”very seriously”.

“It is clear that people from the Social Democratic Party have issues, and that should change today.”

However, the Prime Minister also contended that the #MeToo motion ought to be shared”on a suitable foundation” instead of via the media.

“The Metoo motion has started a significant and essential conversation,” Fredriksen stated on Facebook.

“It shouldn’t be the press’s demonstration that determines the outcome of a situation.”