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Coronavirus against France: Bordeaux also Marseille announce tougher restrictions

Two of France’s most important cities with COVID-19 disease rates gathering speed much faster than the nationwide spike in new instances are rebuilding limitations on people’s actions as the French authorities attempts to ward off a brand new nationally lockdown.

The more rigorous limitations declared Monday from Marseille and Bordeaux were answers to a need from France’s prime minister that both towns require extra actions to stem their rising numbers of infections, which have been placing pressure on regional healthcare services.

In Bordeaux, the top government official to the area declared a ban on gatherings of over 10 individuals in public parks, along the town’s scenic river and on shores.

Also banned are entertaining fairs, antique fairs, and local parties. The rules also restrict the size of public gatherings to no longer than 1,000 individuals, under the national grade of 5,000 individuals. That limitation covers areas like stadiums and concert halls, in addition to demonstrations.

To counter tops partying, Bordeaux restaurants and cafes may also no longer have the ability to serve customers that are standing up and won’t have the ability to play songs outside. Dancing is prohibited in public places, such as at weddings. Drinking alcohol in public can be prohibited in Bordeaux, the middle of the French wine market.

The regional authorities also requested Bordeaux residents to restrict private family parties, singling out weddings, to a max of 10 individuals.

The Gironde area that contains Bordeaux was mostly spared France’s initial wave of ailments that defeated physicians and contributed to some two-month lockdown in March.

The Marseille area’s top government official pledged to rapidly close down pubs and restaurants which don’t observe an overnight curfew that serves customers who stand up. Clients too will no more have the ability to discuss pipes for smoking fragrant tobaccos, a favorite pastime for some civic groups.

Student parties are prohibited and college excursions are suspended. Shows and other occasions in public hallways, in theatres, and sports arenas are being restricted to 1,000 individuals, who have to be seated and retained aside.

France is grappling with all the dual hassle of trying to revive its COVID-battered market while at the same time controlling a steady rise in diseases, spread through the summertime when vacationers let down their guard and picked up by enhanced testing.

France’s health bureau declared Saturday that the nation crossed the threshold of 10,000 new cases nationally in 24 hours, a listing.