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Coronavirus: Airbus Tragedy Shows’devastating’ Effect of pandemic on European Companies

The executive president of Airbus has written to his workers to warn that more reductions in manufacturing are on the road since the aeronautics giant struggles to handle the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airbus is frequently employed as a fantastic illustration of how European countries can work together to compete on the global stage – and promote analyst Guy Shone claims that when such a leading celebrity is in trouble, it reveals exactly how deep the crisis is for companies throughout the country.

“The organization had slashed production by over a third,” explained Shone, CEO of ExplainTheMarket.

“If you wanted a demo of the catastrophic effects of this pandemic on a large company, we only need to look back to January if the Airbus share price hit a record high following a wonderful 2019.”

He states it is hard to fault Airbu’s control for those issues.

“Highly-paid business directors frequently get criticized for a lack of preparation or a lack of ideas, but if airplanes are banned from the skies, honestly they truly don’t have several choices,” Shone informed Euronews Now.

Airbus Executive President Guillaume Faury composed to workers warning them that the presence of the firm was under threat, due to the rate with which Airbus is shedding its treasury.