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Coronavirus: Austria Measures up border checks as COVID-19 cases Increase in Balkans

As coronavirus cases grow in the Western Balkans, Austria is intensifying border controllers with the assistance of the army.

Anyone entering Slovenia must now anticipate random checks, like in the Karawanks Tunnel border crossing in Carinthia.

Soldiers and police officers inspect freight in addition to the health status of passengers: “Whether there’s a legitimate coronavirus evaluation, whether the individual must enter home quarantine, or if the man is only passing through Austria,” says Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Enenkel.

Checks especially concentrate on vehicles with number plates from nations with increasing infection rates like Bosnia or Serbia. In the event of trainers, all of the passengers are requested to step out to be assessed.

Montenegro, which has been declared free of this outbreak by governments in June, currently gets the highest infection rate in the area.

Serbia’s government needed to backtrack on plans for another lockdown before this month following violent protests erupted in the funds.

“The reason behind this re-enforcement of boundary controls is the gain in the number of instances in the Western Balkan nations, and also the growth of instances in Austria,” says Lieutenant Colonel Enenkel.

Not all negative coronavirus test results are approved in Austria. The government has issued a warning against several tests offered in Balkan nations that don’t meet EU criteria.

Besides border controllers, Austria has levied landing bans for many Western Balkan nations. Flights from cities including Belgrade, Sarajevo, as well as Bucharest are canceled.

Even though the landing bans, for the time being, only apply before the end of July, border controllers will shortly be extended to Italy.