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Coronavirus: California and New York City backtrack on plans to reopen restaurants as cases Increase

California and New York City have reversed the easing of lockdown constraints following a spike in coronavirus cases before a busy Fourth of July weekend.

Announcing the new programs for California on Wednesday, say governor Gavin Newsom stated pubs and indoor dining would be stopped for another 3 weeks, while museums, zoos, and cinemas would likewise shut.

This is going to be in effect throughout 19 counties, which constitute almost three-quarters of the nation’s inhabitants, such as Los Angeles County.

It comes following California listed a 50 percent growth in COVID-19 instances in the previous two months, with another 43% increase of individuals being hospitalized with the virus.

“Bottom line is that the spread of the virus proceeds at a speed that’s particularly about,” Newsom said.

“We are seeing regions of the country where we’re seeing an increase in not just the entire number of favorable circumstances, but a substantial gain in the entire amount of individuals which are getting analyzed that are testing positive, meaning that the positivity speed, not only the entire case rate, is starting to return to some level that generates some concern”

Meanwhile, new york has backtracked on its decision to restart dining inside at restaurants following week.

Announcing the program, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo stated the choice was made because of concerns of potential growth of ailments as seen in different nations.

The former said: “Frankly, even a week ago, frankly, I was hopeful that we can.

Outdoor dining is going to be allowed to carry on, with De Blasio stating over 6,000 restaurants had applied for licenses to chair clients outside.

He added: “Outdoor dining was a fantastic hit. And I believe that the most important thing is that outside is functioning, period.

“This is only one of those things we have learned. Outdoors is the place we will need to be on the highest extent possible this summer as we struggle this disease back.”

The US is also, undoubtedly, the hardest-hit nation by a coronavirus, with listed over 2.6 million instances and 127,000 deaths.

Hopes to get a restriction-free summertime for Americans are now dampening following quite a few states have been recently made to press on the brakes in their plans to innovate as illnesses spiked.