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Coronavirus: Calls to protect nurses That are’still at the eye of the Outbreak’

Hospitals across Europe are getting ready for another tide of COVID-19 patients. Yet more, medical care workers are going to be in front.

By a brand new report, over 1,000 nurses have died from the disease globally. They account for approximately 10 percent of infections.

Yet fewer than half of these states surveyed classify COVID-19 as an occupational disease. That hinders the set of information, the set of security standards in addition to the financial aid health employees or their families may assert.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN), that published the findings, is calling on authorities to do more to safeguard them and also to adopt a Health Worker Safety Charter established from the World Health Organization on World Patient Safety Day.

“The applause has ceased, but nurses continue to be in the eye of the outbreak,” explained Howard Catton, CEO of the ICN.

More studying, training, and psychological health care are essential to encourage health workers throughout this catastrophe, ” he said.