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Coronavirus: COVID-19’has exposed Basic tensions’ between EU and China

Rudd, president of this Asia Society Policy Institute, states that the development of the new coronavirus had disrupted Chinese worldwide strategy in trying to replace their decreasing connection with the US through stronger connections with the European Union.

Dating disturbance
He advised Euronews the EU-China connection had increased in importance in recent decades.

“It was more significant as a consequence of this US-China commerce war of 2018-19 along with the possibility of higher decoupling between Washington and Beijing,” said Rudd.

“China had identified Europe as an alternate to the US concerning trade markets, engineering markets, accessibility to technology – but also concerning capital markets too.

“Now, together with all the COVID 19 catastrophe, you see new basic tensions not only between Brussels and Beijing but between European capitals and Beijing too.

“This goes to the core of the question of where the virus originated from, how it was sent, and (if ) China honored all its responsibilities to the World Health Organization under global health regulations.”

Mr. Rudd considers the virus has interrupted the careful preparation that China was putting into position concerning new foreign relations.

“(It is ) a significant disturbance to what was intended as a significant element of Chinese worldwide plan from 2020 onwards, since they had expected a rift from the US-China relationship.

“Our European friends will need to ascertain what could constitute their very own long-term plan of participation or contest using Bejing.”

Rudd explained the choices and worries Europe confronted were new.

“However, the question of attaining a balance between those competing values and interests are the nature of what Brussels and the European capitals decide as to their upcoming plan [seeing ] the People’s Republic [of China].”

He reasoned that the present pandemic indicated a paradigm change in the EU-China relationship.

“I feel that the coronavirus crisis represents very much a new fact for the Europeans to face as they believe their macro-relationship with China.”