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Coronavirus: Denmark’s agriculture minister resigns over Prohibited Sequence to cull mink

Mogens Jensen announced he was stepping on Wednesday on social networking, saying he had the aid of a parliament majority.

Before this month, the authorities ordered that the nation’s whole mink population ought to be slaughtered due to a mutation from the coronavirus which could influence the efficacy of future offenses against COVID-19.

The extreme order came following diagnosis from the Health Institute and health government, which had identified bunch variations in the coronavirus from the fur animals.

Authorities drafted the army and police to assist Denmark’s 1,100 mink farmers to cull their 17 million mink, among the world’s most significant populations of the critters.

Denmark breeds mink for their farmers and fur had promised that the order will finish their enterprise.

The Danish authorities later discovered it had no lawful foundation for its statement, and may only cull mink in which the disease was discovered or at the immediate location.

Several of the center and left parties that provide the Social Democratic government of Mette Frederiksen a majority immediately withdrew their faith in the authorities.

“I need the prime minister to admit when she makes a mistake, it is her duty,” added resistance leader Jakob Elleman-Jensen of the Liberal Party.

“She left the choice and she didn’t intervene and prevent it once she became conscious that it had been illegal, the situation, so, does not stop using Mogens Jensen’s death,” he added on Twitter.

“My ministry has made mistakes about the government statement of this decision to set all mink in Denmark,” Jensen explained in a Facebook article.

“I enjoyed this before, I repent it and accept accountability for this, particularly I repent this to the numerous mink farmers who’ve been in a really unhappy situation.

“There’s only been one goal: to halt the Covid-19 disease from mink since it poses a danger to public health”

The initial instances of coronavirus in minks were discovered in June along with the authorities then ordered the slaughter of animals on the farms that were affected, while raising control steps in the remaining facilities.

This week, Denmark failed to gain the essential support in Parliament to push through an authorized reform that will prohibit mink breeding before 31 December 2021.