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Coronavirus: Europe Has to prepare for Increase in COVID-19 deaths in October and November, warns WHO

“It is going to get harder. In October, November, we will see more mortality,” Hans Kluge, Director of WHO’s European division, said on Monday.

Many nations in Europe have recently toughened up steps to restrain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that leads to COVID-19 — after weeks of climbing infections even though the amount of deaths has remained steady.

France enrolled over 10,000 daily new illnesses for the first time since the start of the pandemic on Saturday. The Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, cautioned that the nation is on the cusp of another tide on Sunday and toughened up to face mask demands while at England, harder rules were introduced Monday including a ban on gatherings of more than six individuals, in both public and private settings.

“It is a moment where nations do not wish to hear this information, and that I know,” Kluge added.

He said he wished to deliver the”positive message” the pandemic”will complete, at one moment or another” but worried that a vaccine might not be the silver bullet several expect it’s going to be.

“I hear the entire time,the vaccine will be the conclusion of the pandemic’ Certainly not!” He explained.

“We do not even know whether the vaccine will assist all people groups. We’re getting some hints now it is going to help for a single group rather than to another,” he clarified.

“The close of the outbreak is that we as a community will understand to live with this outbreak. Plus it is determined by us and that is a positive message”

The 55 nations included in the WHO Europe area are meeting nearly on Monday and Tuesday to go over the growth of the pandemic.