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Coronavirus: First French hospital Physician dies of COVID-19

A French hospital physician has expired of coronavirus, the French Health ministry declared on Sunday, adding that this is the first departure of a physician in the nation.

“I was advised about Saturday of the passing of a hospital physician”, Health minister Olivier Véran stated on French TV on Sunday.

He declined to provide more info, mentioning the family’s decision along with the medical confidentiality.

Oise was among the very first French regions to be hit by the virus.

Véran explained the”good family of medical doctors” has compensated”a hefty cost” from the coronavirus pandemic, also commended”the outstanding courage of physicians, nurses, and firefighters, everybody who save lives day after day”.

Asked about the lack of masks within early hospitals in the middle of a medical emergency, the minister stated: “What we understand is that almost all of the people in the care industry who will grab the virus won’t grab it at the hospitals in which they operate, but out them.”

He confessed that physicians and physicians are”by definition people who are in contact with the ill,” including that”there have been several instances of contamination in groups of physicians or nurses that despite wearing masks became contaminated”.

“Safety [for example sprays ] is completely crucial for nursing staff, however without security, they could get ill in their specialist practice”, Véran explained. “Physicians and nurses get sick, also.”

Dozens of hospital physicians have publicly hailed the French authorities in the previous week, denouncing a scarcity of funds to the hospitals that they say are at breaking point warning that many are operating without masks on account of the lack, and which might result in more contaminations.