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Coronavirus: France declares Paris & Marseille ‘at-risk zones’

The head of France’s national health service states Paris and Marseille are announced at-risk zones to the coronavirus as police observe a sharp rise in diseases.

Jerome Salomon, talking on France Inter radio, cautioned”that the situation is deteriorating from week to week” from the nation. He states virus clusters appear each day after family reunions, large parties, and other parties amid summer vacations.

A government decree issued Friday allows police to impose stricter measures in the Paris and Marseille areas.

Salomon says that there are”more and more individuals who tested positive, an increasing number of people coming in hospitals… we will need to respond before counting new deaths “

The federal health bureau reported 2,669 new illnesses around on Thursday, placing France’s disease rate per 100,000 individuals to over 30.

The UK has transferred into enforcing limitations on travelers coming from France, the Netherlands and Malta, needing them to quarantine for a couple of weeks upon coming from Saturday.