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Coronavirus: France Radically Restricts sale of nicotine Solutions

France severely curtailed the sale of cigarette goods on Friday following a study indicated smokers might be less inclined to host COVID-19.

The decree, issued from the Ministry of Health, restricts pharmacies from selling over a one-month source of any cigarette products geared toward controlling dependence to smokes. Each sale will be to be tucked by physicians if the purchaser had a physician’s prescription or not.

Online sale has been completely prohibited.

The steps were required to”forbid the health hazard associated with the excessive intake or abuse” of smoking products by individuals expecting to shield themselves in the novel coronavirus and”to ensure the constant supply for individuals requiring drugs to quit smoking,” the decree states.

It noted that”than the general populace, the Covid-19 inhabitants exhibited a considerably poorer current daily smoker speed by 80.3 percent for outpatients and by 75.4 percent for inpatients” and theorized that”smoking could be indicated as a possible preventative agent against Covid-19 disease”

The hospital today intends to trial using nicotine patches or other goods on hospitalized COVID-19 patients and at the overall populace to check its efficacy against the virus.

“One should remember that nicotine is a drug of misuse accountable for smoking dependence. Smoking has acute pathological effects and remains a significant threat for health,” it cautioned.

Last month, the nation’s health officials called on doctors not to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for suspected instances of COVID-19 following a study indicated it might be a possible cure for the virus within anxieties that shortages may undermine the lives of individuals determined by the drug.