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Coronavirus: Greek restaurateurs’ empty Seats protest above social distancing plan

Greek restauranteurs served up an odd protest – lining up tens of thousands of vacant seats at a central Athens square foot.

It was to demonstrate their opposition to government programs for social distancing when eateries have been permitted to reopen a month.

Restaurants might need to continue to keep tables a particular distance apart to stop the resurgence of all COVID-19 from the nation.

This implies it is maintained that restaurants will simply have the ability to function at 35 percent potential whenever they reopen.

“That is what we will confront in the long run when the government doesn’t encourage our marriage,” explained George Kavathas, president of Greece’s Federation of Restaurant & Related Professions, speaking to the square’s vacant chairs.

“We don’t have any future if we start under strict limitations. We want more tables and much more capacity to work correctly.”

Restaurant and cafe owners are requesting instant monetary aid from the authorities to attempt and save thousands of thousands of endangered jobs in the industry.

Back in Thessaloniki, in which a similar demonstration was held, restaurant owners have stated they need concrete actions, not just words of empathy.

Ioannis Filokostas, president of the Thessaloniki’s institution of restaurant owners, also known for months of government help.

“VAT tax ought to be under 10%, particularly on alcohol,” he explained.

“We also request a rent subsidy for the interval we were closed along with a 50 percent rent subsidy before the end of the year.”