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Coronavirus Imagination – That the Lithuanians Creating hand-free door handles

One danger of picking up coronavirus is by simply touching surfaces of everyday items like door handles.

Now, a public library in Kaunas, Lithuania, is assisting neighboring businesses by providing door handle extensions which may lessen the probability of disease.

Employing a Belgian design along with also a 3-D printer, the library creates four kinds of attachable door apparatus which may open them easily without any gripping handles.

“We take good care of our neighboring companies,” explained Monika Straupyte, a public relations expert with Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Library. “And we invite those with 3-D printers to combine. Now, this wave of kindness is currently rolling around Lithuania and libraries using 3-D printers which are printing frames for protective face guards for medics, may also combine us for this.”

As in other nations, the coronavirus epidemic is inspiring individuals and companies to be ingenious, not to be useful, but occasionally to survive.