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Coronavirus in France: Healthful 16 Year Old Expires of COVID-19

On Wednesday night a teen died of COVID-19 in a Paris children’s hospital.

This leaves France’s youngest individual to die of a virus that typically affects elderly or vulnerable men and women.

“It is excruciating,” lamented Sabine, the young woman’s mother. “It was only a cough.”

A straightforward and mild cough came on just a week past. She tried curing it using cough syrup and inhalations.

But the coughing match became more regular, which directed her to push her daughter to seek advice from a physician on Monday.

The general practitioner mentioned that an”acceptable” respiratory lack. He chose to telephone the Emergency Medical Service (Samu), however, firemen came rather.

Wearing gloves, gloves and coveralls, they shot the young girl to the nearest hospital at Longjumeau, Essonne (18 km south of Paris).

When she phoned the hospital a bit later, she had been advised about a CT scan, a few pulmonary opacities,” nothing serious”.

A COVID-19 evaluation was underway.

Two additional COVID-19 evaluations were completed.

She settled in a little room with blue walls and a teddy bear background.

When she arrived to see her daughter in the day, Julie was worried.

However, the outcomes of the previous two COVID-19 evaluations brought some fantastic news: they showed up negative.

“We began opening the bedroom doorway, the physicians no more have been wearing a dress, the doctor improved his thumb to inform me it is fine,” Sabine said. Julie appeared to have averted the worst.

It was overdue, Sabine came back into her house, asserting that she’d see her the next day.

Late Outcomes
Later in the day, she received a telephone call: the consequence of the very first evaluation performed at Longjumeau hospital only came, Julie was convinced for COVID-19 and her condition was deteriorating, she needed to be intubated.

“We did not think it. We told ourselves that they were incorrect. And why did those consequences come so late?” Sabine nevertheless believed.

“From the beginning, we have been advised that the virus doesn’t affect young folks. We thought it, like everybody else,” explained Julie’s elderly sister, Manon.


“At the instant, I vow. Some words make you know,” said Sabine.

By General Director of Health, Professor Jérôme Salomon, that declared the departure of this woman Thursday day, Julie contracted a serious form of the virus, “extremely rare” among young men and women.

‘Everything needs to be burnt’
“Her body looked gray,” Sabine said.

When she arrived in the hospital together with her eldest daughter on Wednesday about 1:00 a.m., Julie was lifeless. She touched her hands,” her skin was warm,” she recalled.

Her sister stroked her brow. And immediately, they had been advised they wouldn’t see her, that the protocol in times of outbreak being rigorous.

It was likewise impossible too to accumulate the woman’s possessions, as everything needs to be burnt. However, the household managed to maintain a baptism bracelet.

Julie’s body can be found in the mortuary area of Necker hospital where it will stay before the burial, intended in a couple of days. As a precautionary step, there’ll be no ceremony, and just ten individuals will be permitted to be present in the cemetery.

“We needed to select one of our relatives that will be current,” Manon said. “The day she died, we had to select a coffin for her”

This coffin might need to stay shut and Julie”will wear cosmetics nor be dressed.

“It is difficult to take,” she said in unison with her mum.

According to the newest statistics, 1,696 deaths because of COVID-19 have been listed in French hospitals because of the start of the pandemic. Nearly 30,000 cases are confirmed, with almost 5,000 recoveries up to now.

Since Thursday evening, the press has reported that a 16-year-old woman died from the coronavirus.

“It is horrible because I know that it’s mine,” reasoned Sabine.