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Coronavirus: Italian City prints Possess’Money’ to Assist locals and Companies

Castellino del Biferno is a little city in southeast Italy’s Molise area with just 550 residents.

Minting cash is something city mayor Enrico Fratangelo has been studying for more than twelve decades. The Covid-19 War gave him the chance to check his abilities.

“We chose to mint money to be certain that the local market could withstand the effect of the circumstance. However small this market could be, you will find just three or four companies still available, without contemplating bars or bars,” Fratangelo clarified.

They’ve spent tens of thousands of”Ducati” in their regional stores.

Every 2 weeks, the stores go back to the”Ducati” into the town council and receive the corresponding sum in euros.

The mayor believes that this is also a chance to grow the city’s feeling of belonging, as the banknotes depict neighborhood symbols such as the church, the public swimming pool along with the statue of the Virgin Mary.

That is to prevent confusion, particularly for the older,” Fratangelo said.

The mayor received $5,500 in the authorities to issue food coupons to vulnerable households throughout the pandemic.

The city council included its economies and spread”Ducati” banknotes to over 200 households in the city.

Individuals can invest them in essential products, such as meat in the butcher’s shop, where nearly 4,000″Ducati” have been invested.

Antonio Iannacone, whoever owns copy store Linea Molise PubblicitĂ , clarified how they get it done.

“We start off using watermarked paper, we then publish the banknotes – based on the layout agreed with the government – to a single sheet of paper”.

“We then laminate the sheet, so the invoices can be deciphered. When it is laminated, we cut on the banknotes using their final measurements.”