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Coronavirus lockdown halts climate activists’ Global Travel

Thousands of vacationers across the globe were caught out from the COVID-19 pandemic and also the abrupt boundary closures which came with it.

Several have managed to find their way home by now — independently, or via repatriation flights.

Two who have not are youthful climate activists Rosie Watson and Mike Elm, by the united kingdom. They had been on a cross-continent travel on foot and by bicycle to encourage more sustainable methods of living and traveling as soon as the new coronavirus drifted across Europe.

They found themselves trapped in Kosovo when authorities shut down all air and land boundaries mid-March in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“This was the conclusion of the travel for now. This was eight months ago,” the group told Euronews at a live meeting.

Both happen to be using their time at the town of Prizren to write on their trip to their blogs. The supervisors of a hostel that is now closed beneath the national lockdown consented to let them remain as long as they must, they stated.

“We have been very welcomed and feel very at home today, I figure,” Rosie added.

Eight months before, Rosie began running in the UK into Mongolia, for that which she is expecting will be a yearlong journey on foot, meeting folks across the way that are working to tackle the climate crisis.

“Notification through the experience, you receive a broader audience to tell these tales,” she clarified.

Inspired by her attempts, Mike combined her about the experience November, but on his motorcycle — taking different paths and assembly Rosie now and then.

Now reunited in lockdown, they are both waiting for boundaries to reopen to pick their journey up to where they abandoned it.

Mike said he is expecting to visit Albania second, to examine the way the funding Tirana is working to be friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists. Rosie intends to go east towards Bulgaria, to fulfill more ecological activists there.

“I am expecting to link tales around the world, to demonstrate this new narrative is emerging of how people could live more sustainably and healthily,” she explained.