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Coronavirus: London Novels 300 hotel rooms to the homeless to self-isolate

London will start 300 hotel rooms to its self-isolation of homeless men and women, the Mayor of London declared on Saturday as the UK prepares to go into weeks of social distancing to resist that the coronavirus pandemic.

“Homeless Londoners will benefit from critical protection against the coronavirus, as Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, together with assistance from the British authorities, has procured 300 hotel rooms at which they’ll have the ability to self-isolate within the upcoming months”, the London City Hall declared in a press launch.

An operation to attract homeless individuals to resort rooms began Friday night and will last during the weekend. The 300 rooms can be found in just two Intercontinental London resorts and the individuals will be pushed in London black cabs, to avoid using public transportation.

The rooms are reserved for another 12 weeks.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has killed 177 people in the united kingdom, and the amount of instances is especially high in London.

“The coronavirus outbreak is impacting everybody in London and we have to do whatever we can to protect everyone’s health, particularly the Londoners who sleep out every night”, said London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

“The COVID-19 threatens all of us, but it significantly affects the most delicate, for example, displaced”, stated the British Home minister Robert Jenrick at precisely the same press release.

Homeless men and women are more inclined to suffer from inherent health problems, including breathing issues, which raises the threat of this virus once captured. It’s also harder for them to self-isolate and employ social networking measures, to find shelter and preserve human body hygiene, the Housing ministry included.

Back in 2018-2019, London counted around 9,000 homeless men and women.

The expense of the measure hasn’t yet been declared, but the hotel rooms have been reserved in”a considerably reduced cost”, the London City Hall stated.

In the previous week, France took similar steps, announcing it might start”self-isolation centers” in vacant buildings throughout the nation for the homeless that are sick with all the coronavirus but do not require hospitalization.