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Coronavirus Newest: Worldwide death toll reaches 250,000

The USA, which has listed the deaths in the virus reported its lowest possible tally at a month on Monday using 1,015 brand new deaths.

Australia, New Zealand unveil strategies for”COVID-safe traveling zone”

“A trans-Tasman COVID-safe traveling zone could be mutually beneficial, helping our trade and financial recovery, assisting kick-start the tourism and transportation sectors, improving sporting contacts, and reuniting families and friends,” that the Prime Ministers said n a joint announcement.

“We will need to be careful as we advance this initiative. Neither country would like to find the virus rally so that any such journey zone must be secure. Relaxing travel constraints in a suitable time will benefit both states and shows getting along with this virus early is your best way for economic recovery,” they added.

The downturn in Hong Kong worsened throughout the first quarter of this year together with the economy contracting by 8.9% year-on-year, based on improvement authorities studying.

“This was the largest decline on the record because of the benchmark period of this first quarter of 1974,” the announcement said.

On a seasonally adjusted quarter-to-quarter contrast, GDP shrank 5.3%,” and the steepest on the document,” the announcement added.

It is the fourth successive quarter of sub-zero expansion for Hong Kong.

US concept COVID-19 is lab-created is’ insecure’: WHO

The two US President Donald Trump along with the nation’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said they have seen proof that the book coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China.

The WHO, however, said it’s seen no such proof.

“From our standpoint, this remains insecure,” Dr. Michael Ryan, WHO’s Emergencies leader, stated.

“However, just like any organization, we’d be inclined to get any advice that purports into the source of this virus,” he added.

“If that info and evidence can be obtained, then it is going to be to the United States authorities to determine whether and if it could be shared,” he said.

New Zealand records no more fresh instances for second successive day

“Now we’ve got no fresh instances of COVID-19 to report,” the health ministry said in a declaration.

Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield stated having zero new instances of COVID-19 to account for the next day in a row was quite reassuring but urged caution.

“We have to follow this strategy. The worst thing we can do is celebrate victory and jeopardize the gains we’ve made,” Bloomfield said.

New Zealand has listed 1,137 instances of COVID-19 cases and 20 deaths.

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