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Coronavirus on your eyes: Danger is Greater Because of Power of strain say Investigators

Researchers in Hong Kong say that COVID-19 disease via the uterus is a increased risk because this breed is more powerful than preceding coronaviruses – however, hand hygiene instead of protective collector remains predominant.

Dr. Michael Chan, Associate Professor at Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health advised Euronews that COVID-19 is more powerful than previously coronaviruses such as SARS.

Using tissue samples within their lab, the group established the Increased risk of this virus infecting through the eye:

“We contrasted the new coronavirus together with the SARS coronavirus in 2003. We discovered the new coronavirus reproduces to a higher degree than SARS, implying that the novel coronavirus may use the eye for a crossover entrance to the body.

“Hence the new coronavirus has just one extra point of entrance (into the body) besides the lymph nodes, together with the eye for a point of entrance.”

Professor Chan stated that, Regardless of the discovery, it had been clean hands which nonetheless remain the most important factor:

“Eye protection is helpful, but at the close of the day, even if your hands are filthy and you’re massaging your mind, the most crucial issue is hand hygiene.

“Earlier research indicates the new coronavirus can endure for a little while on surfaces, which means that your hands can get unintentionally contaminated with the virus and (if) you (subsequently ) moisturize your attention with your hand, there’s a greater prospect of disease.

“So I’d suggest that hand hygiene is likely more significant than the usual protective eye “