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Coronavirus pandemic fast Getting a’human rights crisis’, UN chief warns

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres cautioned on Thursday the coronavirus pandemic has turned into”a human rights catastrophe.”

The pandemic has also witnessed”disproportionate results on specific communities, the development of hate speech, the targeting of vulnerable groups, and also the dangers of heavy-handed security reactions undermining the health threat,” Guterres said.

“[With] climbing ethnonationalism, populism, authoritarianism and a push against individual rights in certain states, the crisis could offer a pretext to adopt standardized measures for purposes unrelated to this pandemic,” he cautioned.

In February, Guterres issued a call to action to nations, people, and businesses to safeguard human rights, putting a seven-point strategy amid worries about climate change and battle.

On Thursday, the UN published a report on human rights has to direct the response to the virus and also retrieval in the pandemic. Neither Guterres nor the accounts called any states or parties accountable for human rights offenses.

According to the report, authorities also should take action to mitigate the worst effects of COVID-19 on tasks, livelihoods, access to basic services, and household life.

Guterres stated any emergency steps – such as states of crisis – should be”lawful, proportionate, necessary and non-discriminatory, have a particular focus and length, and choose the least intrusive approach potential to safeguard public health”.

“Emergency forces could be required however comprehensive executive powers, quickly granted with minimal supervision, take risks,” the report cautioned. “Heavy-handed security answers undermine the health threat and may exacerbate present threats to security and peace or make new ones”

The report stated the best answer is due to the immediate danger and protects individual rights.

“The concept is clear: Folks – and their faith – should be front and center,” Guterres said.