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Coronavirus: Portugal grants temporary citizenship claims on migrants

The Portuguese government is granting citizenship rights to all migrants and asylum seekers that have residency software underway.

The move is meant to guarantee everyone who wants it has access to social security and health maintenance while the nation struggles with the spread and consequences of coronavirus.

On Sunday the entire amount of diseases in Portugal stood at 5,962, together with 119 deaths – including that of a 14-year-old boy that had underlying health problems.

Authorities have already been stepping up surveillance steps to impose social distancing, using drones in Porto and Lisbon.

And from the capital, the military is currently distributing food to the displaced, as the nation attempts to combat the coronavirus which has generated lockdowns across the world.

Applauding the conclusion, Richard Danziger, a regional manager of UN Migration, said Regional Director, stated: “Individuals shouldn’t be deprived of the rights to public and health support simply because their program hasn’t yet been processed”

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, stated it’s”important to ensure the rights of their very delicate, as is true of immigrants”.

“It’s a responsibility of a society of solidarity in times of tragedy to make sure that immigrant taxpayers have access to social and health security,” he said.