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Coronavirus: UK Authorities’disrespecting health Employees’ by not Showing pandemic study findings

The British government has been accused of demonstrating”deep disrespect” to health employees who’ve died from COVID-19 by neglecting to show the outcomes of an exercise held four years ago to examine the nation’s willingness to confront the flu pandemic.

National Health Service physicians are upset that the outcomes of this 2016 exercise have never been made public.

They consider it revealed serious issues that must have been addressed from the united kingdom health authorities.

“The question is why were much better training not created when we had a workout that told us there were severe issues?”

“And are we not being told as most of our coworkers are perishing on the frontline. Why are we not being told exactly what was in that record?

“I feel it is profoundly disrespectful to the nursing and medical profession and the healthcare employees who’ve died.”

Dr. Qureshi said that police had contacted them regarding their demands. He said they’re currently considering whether to continue with court actions.