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Coronavirus within Europe: Polish MPs set to debate abortion prohibition while lockdown restricts protest

MPs are set to think about a bill this week which pro-choice groups state would effectively prohibit abortions.

They’re mad about it being contemplated throughout COVID-19 confinement when mass street protests are banned.

“We believe strongly it is not a coincidence they are accepting [the bill] through coronavirus lockdown when the liberty of assembly and movement have been eliminated,” Irene Donadio, in the International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network, informed Euronews.

“I believe [the time ] is very cynical and cowardly,” she added. “It is not a typical democratic procedure and there has been much media scrutiny due to coronavirus.”

Donadio says 97 percent of abortions in Poland is in scenarios where the fetus is malformed along with the law, if passed, would feign this.

Duda was in office because 2015 and specialists say bringing the diplomatic laws before MPs was”opportunistic” and a part of moves to maintain his heart fans joyfully before presidential elections which are controversially place to proceed on 10 May.

“PiS is decided to hold as it’s been proposed on 10 May although the amount of [COVID-19] ailments and deaths remains on the upswing and there’s absolutely no effort,” Piotr Buras, who heads up the European Council on Foreign Relations’ office in Warsaw, informed Euronews.

“PiS would like to grab the chance and make sure the success of this popular President Duda until it’s too late.

“When the election is delayed, let us say until the fall, his chance will probably be thinner since the people will have, then, been struck by the financial crisis and far more critical about the authorities (and Duda) compared to now.

“This is profoundly immoral and undemocratic.”

However, Buras added bringing the diplomatic invoice before MPs this week wasn’t skeptical – parliamentary regulations intended that the government had six weeks to present the laws and this expression expires on 12 May.

“However, for some reason that they didn’t – know they don’t have a decision.

“However, the reality is that the coronavirus crisis provides an exceptional chance for the fans of the bill to get it passed.

“The interest of these people is mass and elsewhere manifestations, which murdered this idea for a while in 2016, aren’t very likely to occur, they’re forbidden by law”

But Marta Lempert, that led demonstrations against an abortion ban in 2016, told Euronews protests planning.

She stated there were auto, bicycle and supermarket protests intended – all the while sticking to social bookmarking principles.

Euronews requested the Polish authorities to remark but they hadn’t responded at the time of publication.