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Coronavirus:’I only think, how am I lucky that I have managed to endure it?’

“Once I got coronavirus, I simply thought that is it, I have no opportunity.”

He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019 and was residing with a decreased immune response through chemotherapy.

However, has since recovered and has been verified negative about 8 April after two weeks.

“I only think of myself so blessed,” Richard told Euronews”I am thrilled!”

“If you examine the numbers, many individuals who have what I’ve do not create this, and also to fight the virus also, it is almost too good to believe.”

“When I look at the coverage of the number of individuals dying, I simply believe how am I lucky that I have been able to endure it”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that men using preexisting health conditions, for example, hypertension or cancer, seem to come up with critical illness in COVID-19.

“The thing that disturbs me is how I got it, I believe that is the understanding I’ve shared with my pals.”

Richard told Euronews hadn’t left the home for 2 weeks before assessing positive. Spain announced a state of crisis over coronavirus on 15 March and enforced national quarantine restrictions.

“It is, obviously, difficult with kids, but we have only been honest with my kid, and they were quite worried also.”

“I’ve older kids in London, which was more difficult for me to handle because they were not here and ready to see me”

“But we’ve got a WhatsApp group referred to Asad’s Health Update’ so that I will stay in contact with them.”

A positive mindset helps
Spain’s capital city, Madrid, is the worst affected area in the nation, accounting for roughly 28 percent of confirmed cases and 36 percent of COVID-19 deaths.

Richard told Euronews his overwhelming sense was one of mourning for those men and women who’d lost their own lives to coronavirus.

“The true sadness of the disorder is that there are dozens and dozens of people dying daily, alone in a hospital bed using only a physicians’ hand to maintain,” explained Richard.

“The private loss for households which need to say goodbye in the hospital entry and do not know whether they are ever likely to see them, that has to be horrific.”

Richard says he’s thought about passing before.

When I got coronavirus, I only thought that is it, I have no opportunity.”

“When I am lying in bed with a fever, it merely brings all those ideas forward and I had been thinking I would not have the ability to have all my kids with me, and when was the last time I watched them and that I am not likely to find some of those grandchildren.”

“But I have discovered with cancer to believe you can conquer it and believe positively all of the time. I am not saying you can think your way from cancer, however, a positive mindset helps.”

Losing the sense of taste and odor along with fantastic’ health care support
Richard told Euronews his very first flu-symptom of a large fever did not initially appear for many days after he captured the virus.

The advice is to get in touch with the gym by phone.

“I called the number and their guidance was’stay at home’ and my wife phoned my cancer group, and they were very worried too, so they brought me for the evaluation”.

“I got rid of my fever with only paracetamol, I did not have some shortness of breath, and I only had a week of feeling quite tired”

A variety of European nations have started clinical trials to deal with COVID-19, such as evaluations on the antimalarial drug, chloroquine.

“The curious thing was losing my sense of smell and flavor,” says Richard.

“I have never had that in my entire life where, really, you truly can not smell anything or taste anything. I was not obstructed so that I could speak, but lasted for about a week, and naturally, all of the joys of eating went off.”

“I am just thinking how blessed I am, I am exceptionally blessed, health-wise.”

Doctors in Madrid’s emergency support have informed Euronews that the job facing them throughout the pandemic is”titanic”.

New hospitals
Since 2003, Spain has utilized technology to permit taxpayers and healthcare professionals to get information about an individual’s health report from the federal health system (SNS).

Richard claims that a service community in Spanish healthcare significantly helped in his or her recovery.

“It made me feel comfortable being well cared, I really can not think of the ideal words to say they have been fantastic, absolutely amazing.”

“They utilize technology here in the health system, therefore my cancer staff instantly understand about it, my regional GP knows instantly about it and I believe that made the family feel better”

“The simple fact that you’ve got the health system behind you well, regardless of the number of instances they have here, which made us feel so comfortable as we can.”