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Costumes from TV hit series Chernobyl Contributed to COVID-19 Struggle

Their efforts come as healthcare employees in many states still report shortages of their protective equipment (PPE) they will need to keep safe.

“We chose to assess exactly what we had in our warehouses that have a great deal of things that are helpful coming from various productions and series. After we discovered all that we can contribute for security, we chose to utilize our assignments to create masks, aprons and other garments that could help health care employees,” he informed Euronews.

Among the very useful outfits has arrived from his company’s work on the hit TV play Chernobyl. He explained those costumes were created for whole-body protection, and therefore could be repurposed for the present health crisis facing Europe.

“With this generation, we purchased lots of plastic protections. Actual costumes for security and blessed we had this we can help. We given everything. Additionally, but additionally face covers and what we can find in our shares – sneakers, as well as substances utilized in actual life by physicians and nurses,” he explained.

You can find similar efforts underway in Sweden, in which the costume designer for Stockholm’s most important theater has changed from creating costumes for the point to medical aprons for all those looking after the older.

“It is rather tricky to change, we have needed to put down all of the work that we have needed to perform, and I have had to know a whole lot about the medical system and exactly what they want, and we need to bear in mind this is just a small segment of what’s required,” explained Nancy Andreasson Peters, head of costume and makeup in Kulturhusets Stadsteatern.

“We also have produced disposable aprons, and we began yesterday and we’ve got some translucent plastic, which is clean, so very good plastic that’s employed in health care and we utilized an apron out of the retirement home and we simply cut the same version and we left about 10,000,” she added.