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Countless Italy’s anti-Salvini”Hens” protest in Rome

They are primarily young men and women, and in just a month they’ve stuffed Italy’s important squares to protest against far-right pioneer Matteo Salvini.

They call themselves”sardines”, such as the fish which go in packs and will need to remain together to combat a larger enemy. Their non-violent protests are performed in quiet, the same way fish have been known to emit no sound.

The Sardines has turned into a nationwide movement: on Saturday, tens of thousands of people gathered in Rome to protest and introduced their manifesto.

By Massimo Panarari, a master in social communication, the Sardines are responding to the present Italian political catastrophe, and don’t have any intention to substitute any celebration. On the contrary, they’re prompting individuals to stand by politicians.

At that moment, the League had organized a rally at town to campaign to the Emilia-Romagna regional election.

The evening before the governmental assembly, Matteo Santori, a 32-year-old political science grad, delivered a text into three friends asking them to protest and meet against Salvini.

Santori also generated a Facebook occasion. “Bring your sardine and combine the best’fishlike’ revolution ever,” stated the societal networking invite.

They aimed to transcend the 5,570 individuals attending to the League’s rally.

The achievement of this grassroots movement spread throughout Italy and fresh groups of fans have been quickly born in Modena, Florence, Taranto, Turin, and Milan.

“It is a motion which transforms over time,” clarified Panerai. On the other hand, the expert emphasized that, now, the Sardines are described with their own will oppose Matteo Salvini and his celebration.