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Countless kilos of plastic packaging from Amazon are devastating the environment, says report

Amazon’s online sales have a catastrophic effect on Earth, according to another report by Oceana, a US-based non-profit that attempts against the contamination of the planet’s seas.

In 2019 alone, Amazon generated 211 million kilos of plastic waste in the packaging of its products, the authors of this report found.

Amazon disputes the report’s statistics, also says it only employs a third of the sum of plastic offered. However, Oceana asserts that it has been not able to acquire some other information from Amazon.

The report suggests, if laid out, the so-called atmosphere pillows used to defend the contents of parcels would show the earth 500 times. And in 2020, the increase in online sales throughout the pandemic is predicted to have improved Amazon’s pollution footprint by roughly a third.

Euronews talked to one of those folks behind the report, Matt Littlejohn, Who’s Senior Vice President of Oceana.