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Covid-19: Mosques and schools to reopen in Iran’s low-risk Places

Last updated on May 3, 2020

Iran intends to reopen mosques and schools in regions which have been always free of this coronavirus since President Hassan Rouhani’s government begins to ease restrictions that were aimed at containing the outbreak.

Together with mosques closed and spiritual parties banned since mid-March since the epidemic spread from the Middle East’s worst-hit nation, regular Iranians have become drive-ins for ceremonies throughout the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

State TV and movies on social media revealed individuals in their cars seeing a religious service on a huge display in a Tehran auto park.

“Mosques will seep in 132 low-risk or’white towns’ and towns out of Monday.

Iran’s health ministry has split the nation into white, white, yellow, and reddish areas dependent on the number of diseases and deaths.

The ministry said on Saturday the trajectory of ailments has begun a”slow” downward tendency in Iran, in which the death toll is 6,156 and an overall number of recognized cases has attained 96,448.

Iran has lifted a ban on inter-city excursions and malls, with big shopping centers resuming actions despite warnings from several health officials of a fresh wave of diseases.

School and college closures have been preserved and sports and cultural parties are also still prohibited, though Rouhani said the strategy is for many schools to reopen shortly.

“The schools at the snowy and low-risk regions will detract from May 16‚Ķ But we’ll continue to reassess the circumstance,” he explained.