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COVID vaccines: Hesitancy, conspiracy arguments, and misinformation

It had been the week vaccines began to get rolled out throughout the European Union. However, some have begun more powerful than many others.

Every EU state was awarded 9750 vaccines on December 26th, using much more in the subsequent days.

Austria has been able to vaccinate 6,000 men and women in the very first week, together with France lagging with just a couple of hundred individuals.

Some nations have stumbled because of logistics, together with the Netherlands waiting until January 8th to start administering their offenses.

But past the rollout, there are several hurdles ahead, not the least vaccine hesitancy. France and Spain have a number of the greatest listed vaccine hesitancy speeds on the planet, with only 40 percent of the French inhabitants questioned saying they would take a vaccine if it is provided to them at the hottest Ipsos poll.

In this variation of #TheCube, we set questions to immunologists and epidemiologists. We dive into the gap between valid vaccine hesitancy and the anti-vaccine movement.

Also, we break down the science supporting the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines and also examine how scientists were using social media to get their messages out.