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Cuba lashes Trump, Problems rallying cry to fight imperialism

The three-day meeting was called to discuss strategies to overcome what organizers framed as a U.S. imperialist-led offensive against socialist and progressive governments and movements.

Beneath the banner of beating neo-liberalism and financing democracy, it happened as societal unrest rocked conservative-led Chile and as the battle raged in Bolivia within a recent election which gave socialist leader Evo Morales a fourth semester.

Protests also lasted in Brazil within the imprisonment of popular former president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the center-left retook power from the best in Argentina and the USA struck Venezuela and Cuba with sanctions.

Maduro and Diaz-Canel shut the meeting with speeches broadcast live by state-run tv where they ridiculed U.S. fees they had been supporting unrest in different nations or accountable for leftist authorities.

Maduro’s presence seemed designed to indicate Cuba wouldn’t leave its strategically despite attempts by the USA and other Western and Latin American nations to convince Havana to achieve that.

Maduro termed prices from the Organisation of American States which Cuba was behind unrest in Chile”dumb”.

“It’s the older Pinochet dictatorship and International Monetary Fund. The individuals have the right to seek out a different,” he explained in a lengthy and fiery speech.

Diaz-Canel stated in a clear reference to unrest in Chile along with also the Argentinian election:”They accuse us of propping up the Bolivarian (Venezuelan ) Revolution… while they protect their eyes, mouth, and ears, in order to not see, not listen, nor reevaluate what people are yelling from the streets: neo-liberalism is an economic collapse and a social catastrophe.”

“Trump and his dad of older hawks assault the Cuban Revolution the Bolivarian Revolution; the Sandinistas; the Brazilian, Bolivian, Argentine leftist political leaderships and social, popular, innovative movements throughout the area,” he explained.

The Cuban president accused the United nations of laying siege to his nation by sanctioning third parties that do business with this, urging those present to double their efforts within its defense.