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Cuzmi flashlight Reviews – Price, Battery, How Does It Work?

The Cuzmi flashlight is a funding but higher functionality Cuzmi flashlight , appropriate for EDC (daily carry), emergency or camping use. It is not as capable as a strategic defensive flashlight.

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Now we are going to be moving over some of the E Series lighting. However, being more economical in cost does not mean that you need to sacrifice brightness. These are likely to be a regular carry style of lighting, cheaper usage, based on the situation which you could be in if you’re searching for something under a sofa or something in your auto. It truly has minimalist chances so I’m likely to have Jeremy go on the Fenix E12 initially and provide you a bit of advice about that.

The Cuzmi flashlight is among the very compact flashlights. It may be submerged as many as two meters below water for half an hour and it’s an effective distance of 1 meter. The flashlight comes with a LED. That is a Cree XP-E2. It continues 50,000 hours. The beam it generates provides a gentle, much beam for close upward lighting. It’s three settings.

It’s constructed from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and includes a tough anodized anti-abrasive complete on it. The very last thing we will discuss with this flashlight is that the batteries it can utilize. It may use regular AAs. Alkaline is appropriate but not suggested. The recommended ones would be the nickel-metal hydride. It’s possible to use the rechargeable ones, nevertheless, ones you can’t use are the rechargeable lithium-ion that is the 14500s. For a cheap reliable flashlight that can sit perfectly in your pocket and also be utilized most frequently, I’d propose the E12.

E15 is most probably one of the favorites of this E Series flashlights. It is super compact. The total length is roughly two and a half inches long and weighs one ounce with no battery installed. On the other hand, the size it is, it will put a maximum beam space of 433 ft, which is fairly substantial for that magnitude of flashlight. E15, it is unbelievably simple to use twist interface so that it doesn’t have the button. Therefore it sort of rules out the chance of turning in your pocket that’s a fantastic advantage to have on a narrow flashlight.

You have got four distinct brightness settings. The first one could be the low style that’s 8 lumens. That will run around approximately 36 hours. The next set could be midsize, which can be 50 lumens. The following one above that will be high in 110 lumens. And eventually 450 since the turbo setting.

1 thing that I did want to discuss with you is that this flashlight does require two distinct styles of CR123. But if you use the rechargeable 16340, then it is going to bop this up into 450 lumens. However, you utilize the 16340 battery, so you do cut back on run occasions pretty important. So on turbo using the 16340 in 450 lumens just includes an extended time of 55 minutes. If you compare it to a normal non-rechargeable CR123 best setting, it is going to visit 270 lumens for one hour and a half. So you sort of forfeit run time with this brighter output. But overall a fantastic small flashlight. No button functioning. It only has a twist head controlled light. Maximum beam space 430 ft. It will have a smart drive circuit for greater battery performance. It’s a low-voltage reminder to signal when the battery will have to be replaced. Normal overheat protection to prevent higher temperatures of this service exactly like another Fenix flashlight.

So it is made to get a one-handed functionality, together with the turning head controlled light. So batteries that are recommended are begging na be a normal non-rechargeable 123, a normal 3-volt non-rechargeable battery. However, we do also possess the 16340s you could put in there to the brighter lumen output.

Overall good lighting. Hard to conquer E15 for that dimension in just two and a half inches. So a fantastic option there for the market alternative.

The following light we are going to be considering is your Fenix Flashlight E20, the 2015 version. It’s a practical flashlight that holds two AA batteries. It’s a user-friendly interface. It measures just over half an hour in length. You’ve got mid that is 35 lumens in 22 hours and reduced that is 8 lumens in 75 hours. And that’s with all the nickel-metal hydride battery. The specs are a lot lower if you use regular batteries. It’s a digital controlled output that maintains constant stability. If you would like to use it to film it will not vibrate.

Like most of our flashlights, it is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum with a tough anodized anti-abrasive complete on it. Like almost all of the other flashlights, it’s watertight, dustproof, and certainly will be watertight up to 2 meters for half an hour. It’s a smart memory circuit that automatically enters the prior used output signal when you turn the switch. The switch can be found on the tail cover for simple strategic usage. Why is this different from the preceding version of this is, it’s not a shake. It’s merely a click button. Overall it is a fantastic flashlight to take in regular life.

Thanks for the fantastic info, Jeremy. I love that. Next, I will be moving within the E25 ultimate variant. It is an updated model from the older E25. It’s a fresh Cree XP-L (V5) LED, strong circuitry to enhance outputs while keeping impressive run occasions. This fresh E25 ultimate variant can take the lithium-ion AA that’s a 14500, as a number of you realize it. Head diameter is 1 inch, slightly smaller in your entire body at .65 inches that is roughly 19 1/2 millimeters. So fairly long mild, small bit larger than every additional E Series lighting. This one could require two AAs. We are going to examine the run times.

This one has five distinct brightness settings. And the following one will be high in 350 lumens for one hour and a half.

Another cool aspect of this lighting is together with all the accepting the 14500 battery, so you’ll have the ability to acquire a lumen update or increase around some thousand lumens. So it is going to put a thousand lumens only employing a 14500 battery. It might take two of these. So you get options there so far as batteries when compared with lumen output. The maximum beam space is 656 ft. So not bad from an AA-powered light in any way. This light does possess a memory circuit so like every other Fenix lighting you turn off it low, it is going to return in the same low setting. The same goes for the event that you turn off it high it is going to return in large, and it is a very beneficial advantage with any of those Fenix lights.

Three distinct batteries it will accept routine non-rechargeable alkaline battery. And finally, the 14500 that would get one of the brighter lumen output in the million lumens. Our mild additionally includes a lockout feature that will disable or stop the light from unintentional manipulation while in your pocket or inside a backpack where all your other products are saved. So actually another cool feature there with having the ability to lock to prevent accidental turning. Hopefully, this gave you some fantastic advice as much as how to make your choice.

Now it is on to this E35 ultimate variant. It is currently available with a highly effective thousand-lumen output. It’s powered with an 18650. It’s only under five inches complete. It’s five presses and an SOS plus a strobe. The five presses, you’ve got turbo at a million lumens in one hour and 15 minutes. Then you’ve got eco that’s 8 lumens in 150 hours. There is a dual-side change for quick and convenient surgeries. A maximum beam space of 524 ft.

It is watertight like most of our up others to 6 1/2 ft for half an hour. It’s a smart memory circuit which automatically recalls the preceding brightness chosen. Can I mention it requires the 18650s? That comes in three different capacities. They’ve protective circuits to protect against combustion that many other batteries do not. CR 123As are appropriate so long as they’re the non-rechargeable batteries. There you’ve got it together with the E35. It is among the most competent flashlights on the market, and it has made its name for being dependable and simple.


  • Cuzmi flashlight (Functions with alkaline or NiMH rechargeables)
  • Maximum brightness 650 lumens Using 1.5 volt AA batteries (a Few flashlights confusingly can Operate on AA batteries However Desire 3.7 volt 14500 lithium-ion batteries to Achieve their Greatest Equilibrium )
  • Maximum beam Space 96 meters (for ANSI FL1 Dimension, practical Space Will Probably be 1/3 rated Space, 32 meters)
  • Impact (Fall ) resistance Two meters
  • Waterproof IPX-8 (2 meters below water)


  • Affordable
  • Intelligent
  • Well Constructed
  • Great spread of brightness values: 2, 56, 260, 650 lumens
  • Easy user interface — moonlight and Greatest Manners Aren’t fenced off and Handled differently from Additional brightness Manners (I Am looking at you, Armytek)
  • Tactical Back clicky on/off power switch with momentary-on — allows for Rapid access and Brief flashes of Lighting to avoid betraying your Posture
  • No standby current drain — on/off power switch is mechanical, not Digital; meaning Which You Can leave the batteries in the flashlight and the flashlight Won’t Gradually discharge them (the batteries Will Probably Nevertheless self-discharge)
  • Recessed rear power switch is unlikely to be Changed by Injury, unlike a side-mounted Electronics Change (That the Cuzmi flashlight’s side Change Will Be to change modes only)
  • Rear tail cap lockout — you can Flip the tail cap 1/4 turn to Avoid Unintentional activation of the Electricity Change
  • Memory remembers last brightness level
  • Slim, 20mm diameter (0.8 inches)
  • Great compromise beam hotspot Diameter of Approximately 15 Levels
  • Large lanyard hole, Big enough to Match paracord
  • Strong stainless steel pocket clip (you’ll Want pliers to pull them off)
  • Noncrenelated bezel Won’t tear your pocket
  • Can Operate on 1xAA battery, Using a dummy AA spacer (working voltage is 0.9 to 4.2 volts)


  • Sustains maximum brightness for Just 1 Min
  • Pocket clip Isn’t deep Take (which Is an Edge )
  • Mode switch May be unreliable, Has to Be pressed hard
  • No Immediate access to moonlight, Higher brightness or strobe — you Want to cycle through the modes
  • Simple to Unintentionally Change to strobe Style (long Haul while on)
  • Does N’t tail stand (Doesn’t stand upright when stood up Together with the head facing Upward, to bounce light off the ceiling into evenly light a room without glare)
  • No spring in flashlight Mind, Which Makes it less Effective at absorbing shock from batteries Once dropped
  • No battery level indicator
  • Slightly irregular (not smooth) beam Weld pattern
  • Not”Accurate” sub lumen (Significantly Less than One lumen) moonlight Manner — May be Overly bright in pitch darkness
  • Noncrenelated bezel is less Convenient as a striking weapon for defensive Usage
  • Pocket clip Includes metal piece sticking out Indoors, easily Grabbing your pocket and Halting the clip from Slipping All of the way down
  • Non-standard 20mm head diameter, so Tough to find add-on diffuser to convert the flashlight into a 360-degree lantern

Coming at 3/4 the purchase price of an Olight S2A (additionally using Cuzmi flashlight ) however using 100 lumens more rated brightness (650 lumens versus 550 lumens to get S2A), the Cuzmi flashlight has received surprisingly little attention. Be aware you will notice little difference between 550 and 650 lumens, therefore the Cuzmi flashlight’s greater brightness is not important.

Physically, it seems like that the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 (2xAA, 500 lumens). I have and have transported the Olight S2A to get a couple of months so I’ll be mostly comparing the Cuzmi flashlight into the Olight.

All right, so that finishes our discussion within the E Series or market collection. We hope you have some fantastic details.