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Daisy the St Bernard Puppy turns the tables Because she Is rescued from a mountain

St Bernard dogs are the legends of those hills.

In popular culture, the enormous, affable beasts, are observed scampering up steep snow-covered hills, a barrel of brandy slung around their neck, to rescue unfortunate or unwary hikers in trouble.

Therefore it came as a bit of a surprise if Daisy turned the tables looked for just a little reciprocation. The four-year-old was walking along with her down new owners Scafell Pike in northwest England’s Lake District.

Displaying pain in her thighs St Bernard determined she was going no farther down England’s highest mountain.

That is where the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team come in.

A sixteen-member has been despatched immediately.

Carrying 55 kilos of puppy down a mountain isn’t a mean feat but after negotiating flows and farmers’ gates that the group pulled off it and Daisy was straight back on a relatively flat floor, demonstrating marked improvement of the soul.

Well completed Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team!