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Damning report States CIA-trained forces Supporting war atrocities in Afghanistan

Heavily armed men burst into the house amid night, hustling four sisters into different chambers, their hands bound. Afghan special forces then shot them at the mind and heart.

The raid happened in the state’s capital of Jalalabad, in earshot of Justice Ministry offices. The fact of the deaths was finally shown by local and global media and the nation’s intelligence chief, Masoom Stanikzai has been forced to resign.

However, that is not sufficient, says Human Rights Watch in a new report published Thursday documenting what it states are mounting atrocities from U.S.-backed Afghan special forces and climbing civilian deaths by both American and Afghan forces.

The report states U.S.-led peace talks to end the 18-year-old war have countered addressing the fate of the Afghan special forces which work”within their covert operations of the Central Intelligence Agency.” The report indicates either disbanding them bringing them under the control of the Defense Ministry.

“These troops comprise Afghan strike forces that were responsible for extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances, indiscriminate airstrikes, attacks on medical facilities, along with other violations of international humanitarian law, or the laws of warfare,” it states.

Discussing with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, many Afghan, Taliban, and U.S. officials, including those who take part in attempting to resuscitate peace talks,” said the Taliban will not agree to decrease attacks without a decrease in violence against the U.S. and Afghan side.

President Donald Trump ended discussions with the Taliban over that which he stated was that the insurgents’ unacceptable amount of violence.

According to HRW and many U.N. reports, Afghan special operations units now are partly responsible for increasing civilian deaths and rights abuses.

HRW’s report, that the culmination of a virtually two-year evaluation, recorded cases of households terrorized by nighttime raids, summary executions and disappearances of individuals, several whom are not heard from again. In preparing the report, researchers interviewed 39 Afghans directly affected by crimes and many witnesses in nine distinct provinces.

The report informs of raids from Zurmat in southern Paktia Province. Witnesses stated Afghan and U.S. strike forces blew open the door of one house and shot dead four guys as the family observed. At another home, three shopkeepers along with a guest, all of the house for a vacation, were taken and murdered, said a watch. In a third episode in Zurmat, a spiritual teacher and two construction workers were murdered.

Human Rights Watch shared its findings with the U.S. and Afghan government.

Kaber Aqmal, spokesman for the National Security advisor, refused to reply to the report straight but said”that the Afghan government is doing its best to protect lives of the Afghan civilians, we’re searching for those probable tactics to prevent civilian casualties.” He blamed the casualties on Taliban insurgents.

The U.S. states it holds itself to a higher level of liability than IS or the Taliban.

“The battle is complex_the combating is in busy towns and populated cities,” that the U.S. military said in a reaction comprised in HRW’s report. “Our challenges are enormous since we confront enemies who don’t wear uniforms, who hide among women and children, and that use lies in the death of civilians to attempt to check our efficacy.”