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Danes try to Maneuver 120-year-old lighthouse from eroding coast

Last updated on October 22, 2019

A 120-year-old lighthouse was put on rails and wheels to try to transfer it Tuesday a few 263 feet from the North Sea, which was eroding the shore of northwestern Denmark.

After the 76-feet-tall Rubjerg Knude lighthouse was lit, in 1900, it had been approximately 656 feet in the shore; today it’s just about 20 ft away.

“But it is well worth the riskā€¦ the solution will be to dismantle the lighthouse.”

The movement is expected to last 10 hours, at a rate of 26 ft per hour.

Environment Minister Lea Wermelin has predicted the black, square lighthouse”a national treasure” to describe why ministry invested five thousand kroner ($747,000) to rescue it. Bolt along with the city of Hjoerring have chipped into foot the bill.

The lighthouse stopped working in 1968 and has been temporarily turned into a museum, such as a display about the construction’s battle against sand drift.

Ultimately, it had been shut due to shifting sands which gradually buried the 2 buildings adjacent to the lighthouse. The lighthouse, nevertheless, still has over 250,000 visitors every year.

The transfer, broadcast live on important archaeological news outlets, depended upon the weather, and this was now honest in the area. Thirty minutes to the surgery, the lighthouse was transferred 1.4 meters.

The region is well known for always changing sands and an eroding shore.

In 2008, a nearby church has been dismantled to stop it from falling to the sea.