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Dealdash Reviews – Promo Code It’s Scam or Not?

Have you ever noticed those cool, tricky, DealDash advertisements on TV?


Let us lay out the truth. works similar to Quibids, which we took a peek at a few weeks ago.

The two websites are — bidding commission — auction websites.

They’re quite different from a normal auction website like eBay. On eBay, in case a bidder is outbid, they do not pay anything.

On DealDash — each — bidder pays a bidding commission — each — they bid.

The price? 60cents per bidding.

Each bid increases the purchase price of the product by 1pennies.

Thus, let us say you begin bidding on an item once it costs a buck. You increase the product’s auction cost by 1pennies (that is the maximum you may increase it with a single bid). You’re charged 60cents for your bidding you put. However, you’re immediately outbid. The merchandise is $1.02 (your bid along with another bidder have increased the cost by two pennies with these bids).

You would like the product, that is why you bid at the first location. So that you bid again, and therefore are instantly outbid again. Now you’ve spent 1.20 — if you wind up winning the product or not.

If you wind up bidding 10 occasions, you have spent 6, and increased the price by 10bucks. Should you bid 50 occasions, you have spent 30 — if you win the thing or not — and then increased the cost of the product by 50bucks.

Should you believe that 20, 30, or even more (maybe more) people might be bidding on a product — many of these individuals will get rid of the auction. Everybody else will probably have spent their cash on bidding charges and will not get anything at conclusion of this auction.

The significant variable here isn’t understanding when other folks would stop bidding. At a standard auction, there’s a limiting factor. Folks will (normally) cease bidding when the total cost of this merchandise is more than it is actually worth.

Together with DealDash and similar websites, that restricting variable is gone. The actual value of a product is taken from this calculation. The bidding fees would be the cost — and the greater a customer has spent their money in attempting to acquire the item, the more reluctant they’ll be to prevent bidding. Nobody wants to make money on the table, but there is no telling only as soon as the auction will finish. It is just like a twist of the wheel which is the reason why many state DealDash and similar websites are betting websites.

DealDash does have a method set up where the bidding fees spent trying to acquire an auction may be utilized as a charge to get the item during its regular full cost. Tedde has a lengthy comment below with extra info and some excellent insights.

Let’s jump straight back to Barbara Seller, who’s featured in among DealDash’s present advertisements.

From the commercial’s little print (temporarily displayed in textagainst the dark purple backdrop of her sweater), it states that she bidding 414 occasions to win 55″ TV for $29.95.

And she’d have dropped that $248.40 when she hadn’t won… unless she chose to move ahead and purchase that $1700 TV at full cost. (In that situation, she’d be credited back together with these bids and also be in a position to use them on a different auction.)

Also from the fine print about the commercial it states these”outcomes aren’t typical”. To put it differently, this instance was hand-picked as a person that’s flattering to DealDash.

The key point to understand about DealDash is that what’s clarified in the fine print. The prices and the manner that the’market’ functions is spelled out quite clearly in their own terms.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that DealDash does provide a money-back satisfaction warranty on the initial pack of bid-fees a new user purchases. After reviewing a listing of complaints regarding DealDash in the BBB, it seems that they do honor the warranty (at least when a person fails into the BBB). We should note however that the BBB also stated that, previously, DealDash has misrepresented itself as a BBB Accredited Business as it is not.

If this question relies on these doing just what they say they do (at the fine print) we would have to say they’re legit.

Is DealDash a fantastic bargain for shoppers on a tight budget which are attempting get a fantastic deal on some thing? No.

And would be the DealDash advertisements on TV deceptive? Absolutely.

Depending on the advertisements, an individual could easily be duped into believing that DealDash is only a standard auction website, something such as eBay, which bidders are becoming ridiculously excellent bargains… iPads for $5 and so on.

Along with the concept that DealDash is only a normal auction website is a illusion.

Have you ever used DealDash?