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Debunked: Agree a Brand new virus has emerged out of China are false

Since China appears to rebuild after the devastation of this COVID-19 pandemic, false rumors have spread that a new virus has emerged from the nation.

A variety of articles on Facebook and Twitter have circulated, implying that the world could confront the panic of some other disease.

These social media articles are viewed and shared tens of thousands of occasions, whilst reports of this hantavirus also have emerged on Indian broadcasters.

However, the claims are untrue.

Researchers and health experts have said that the hantavirus isn’t brand new and is quite seldom transmitted by person to person.

‘They don’t represent outbreaks of Worldwide concern’

“Hantavirus normally transports from animal to person, and human-to-human.”

WHO says approximately 10,000 cases are reported, with approximately 100 deaths annually.

Local Chinese governments need to report instances to federal health authorities.

But instances of Hantavirus aren’t commonly known to the WHO under global health regulations, as”they don’t represent outbreaks of global concern”.

Hantaviruses are spread by contact with rodents rather than individuals

The US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also states the hantavirus has been”spread largely by rodents”.

“The hantaviruses which cause human disease… can’t be transmitted from 1 individual to another.”

“you cannot get these germs from touching or kissing someone who [is infected]… or by a healthcare worker who has treated someone with the disorder “

However, the CDC also says clearly the date, “no cases of HPS have been reported from the USA ” in which the virus has been sent from 1 individual to another.

In a study of healthcare workers who had been exposed to patients and also of specimens contaminated with hantaviruses, none showed signs of illness or disease.

Recent studies have discovered that lots of men and women who become ill with HPS were infected following”continuing contact with rodents”, like deer mice.

There’s presently no particular treatment or medication for HPS or even COVID-19.

The novel coronavirus appeared in China in December and has infected over 780,000 people globally, leading to over 37,000 deaths, based on the WHO.