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Demi Moore says she was raped at 15 with a man who paid her Mom 500

Last updated on September 26, 2019

American celebrity Demi Moore lately opened about being sexually assaulted at age 15 with a guy who paid her mum for the heinous act. She had been in the show to discuss her new novel, Inside Out.

The celebrity has dedicated the book to her daughters in addition to her mum, who died in 1998. According to Moore, the sexual experience happened when she arrived home one night along with an older guy in the home with her mum.

“I presume, in my profound heart I do not believe it turned out to be a straightforward trade,” Moore told the tv journalist about if she believed her mother offered her. “But she — she’d give him the accessibility and place me in harm’s way,” she shared.

The star said that her parents suffered from alcoholism and the family moved around the nation often as they confronted debt. She expressed her mom attempted to commit suicide after she was 12.

“I recall using my palms, the tiny hands of a young child, to dig out the pills my mom had attempted to swallow out of her mouth,” Moore recalled in her publication.