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Denmark government probe Following Overseas spy Service chief suspended

Denmark has suspended the mind of the nation’s foreign intelligence agency as part of the continuing evaluation.

The Ministry of Defence claims that the probe follows”quite significant criticism” of things from the nation’s Armed Forces’ Intelligence Service.

Three senior workers were”relieved of responsibility for the time being” on Friday and are”exempted from service before further notice”.

“The Ministry of Defense will organize the analysis of this situation in close discussion with the Danish Intelligence Service”, ” the authorities said in an announcement.

“The analysis will be organized and carried out taking into consideration it is categorized information and matters of significance to the safety of the nation “

Lars Findsen took responsibility for the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) in 2015 and was formerly the head of the nation’s national intelligence agency by 2002 to 2007.

Both other senior workers of DDIS, that can be in charge of military intelligence, have yet to be identified.

The Danish military was in the center of recent scandals, with a few high-profile officials accused of favoring relatives.

Trine Bramsen, Denmark’s defense ministry, says that she will research the matter” with the extreme seriousness”.

“It’s crucial that people can have confidence that our intelligence solutions are acting within their abilities,” explained Bramsen.

The manager of the Central and West Zealand Police, Svend Larsen, was appointed interim chief.