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Denmark Intends to strip citizenship by militant fighters Using Double nationality

Denmark has disclosed plans to push an urgent bill that would enable the government to strip diplomatic citizenship out of dual nationals that have left the nation to struggle with militant groups overseas.

In an announcement published Monday, the authorities cited a”significant threat” from fighters who abandoned to combined the so-called Islamic State (IS) group and that may now attempt to return to Denmark.

The decision to accelerate the laws comes as a consequence of Turkey’s military performance against Kurdish-controlled regions in northern Syria, in which the Kurds also oversee a range of camps home IS prisoners.

“There’s a threat that the Kurdish-controlled IS camps in the border region will fall, which overseas allies with Danish citizenship will proceed toward Denmark,” the nation’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated.

They pose a danger to our safety. They’re undesirable in Denmark.

“The authorities will, therefore, do everything possible to keep them from coming into Denmark.”

Twelve of them are thought to be imprisoned.

All of 27 are Danish nationals but it’s uncertain how a lot of those have double citizenship.

Europeans include a fifth of approximately 10,000 Islamic Condition fighters held captive in Syria by Kurdish militias that are currently under heavy assault by Turkish forces. When the militias redeploy prison guards into the front, there’s a probability of jail-breaks.

The proposed new legislation, that includes broad support among lawmakers of distinct parties, would permit the authorities to strip fighters overseas who also hold another nationality of the Danish citizenship with no court order.

The legislation wouldn’t apply to unmarried nationality Danes who would be left stateless.

Other European nations also have stated they’ll strip double nationals who combined Islamic State of citizenship.