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Denmark’s government wants to Decrease the retirement age to 61

Denmark’s government is suggesting lowering the retirement age to 61, prime minister Mette Frederiksen declared on Monday.

“Great strong Danish taxpayers wake up in the morning and proceed to work with pain and aches — perhaps it’s the spine, the knee, the shoulders or perhaps it’s just all that hurts”, she informed journalists during a visit to a slaughterhouse from the eastern area of Jutland.

“We’ll set up a new scheme for those who have been in the office to the longest. For people who have paid their taxes during professional life and also did some of the hardest tasks.”

Under the new proposal, people who have labored for 42, 43, or 44 years will probably be able to retire, two or perhaps three decades before the state retirement.

Approximately 38.000 individuals are expected to gain from this strategy as early as in 2022, ” the authorities said.

The typical retirement age in Denmark is now 67 and has been set to grow to 68 from 2030.