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Dinosaurs, flying reptiles: ‘The most dangerous place in Earth’s history’ revealed

Last updated on May 3, 2020

Since the coronavirus continues to spread unabated around boundaries, the planet at the moment may appear to be an unsafe location. However, you can breathe a small easy understanding that the ground currently, or a specific region of Earth, remains not as hazardous as it was millions of years back.

Scientists have shown the most dangerous area in the history of planet earth’, in which human beings’ would not have lasted long’.

The analysis is based on the analysis of nearly 100 decades of fossil vertebrates in a place of Cretaceous rock formations in southern Morocco, referred to as the Kem Kem Group.

“This was possibly the most dangerous sport in the history of planet Earth, a place where an individual time-traveler wouldn’t last long,” stated Dr. Ibrahim at a statement.

According to the study, roughly 100 million years ago the region has been home to a huge river system, filled with several distinct species of aquatic and terrestrial creatures. Fossils found at the Kem Kem Group comprise three of the biggest predatory dinosaurs known in addition to many predatory flying reptiles and crocodile-like predators.

A number of these predators depended upoan the source of fish from the river system, states co-author Professor David Martill at the University of Portsmouth.

“This place has been stuffed with completely enormous fish, such as giant coelacanths and lungfish. The coelacanth, as an instance, is likely four or five times high than the current coelacanth. There’s an enormous freshwater watched shark known as Onchopristis having the most gruesome of rostral teeth, they’re similar to barbed daggers but superbly polished,” he explained.